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Q : Why is good wedding photography so expensive?

A : Brides and Grooms often ask this question, after all, the photographer is at my wedding for anywhere from 2 to 8 hours, then they go home and I'm paying up to $10K for that.....! Well, I don't charge anywhere near $10K but here are just some of the reasons :

But Uncle Frank has recently bought a new DLSR, and has some lovely photographs of his garden, and say's he'll do the job as your "wedding present". Your call.....

Q : So why then are there photographers who will shoot my wedding for just $500 - $1000?

A : There are many reasons, here are a few possible answers :

Most of my business now comes from referrals, I often photograph a wedding and then later photograph the brother or sister of the bride or grooms wedding as they loved the photographs and enjoyed the experience. I can't afford to do a bad job, in this day of social media word gets around very quickly if you are not doing the job properly.

Q : Is wedding photography difficult?

A : Personally I think it is the most difficult of all photography, (with the exception of photojournalism in a war zone) but happily it is also the most rewarding - nothing beats getting a phone call or email from a bride who has just received her photos and absolutely loved them :)

A wedding photographer has control over virtually nothing on the day, the weather, the venue, the guests, the light, etc - he or she must be a diplomat, able to handle all personality types, deal with nervous mothers, frazelled brides and sometimes grooms that think smiling is a criminal offence. Also keep to a predetermined schedule, deal with videographers and other service providers, sometimes intoxicated guests, all with grace, compassion, patience and a smile. Oh, and make them all look great!  

Q : Why should I spend my hard earned $ on a wedding photographer?

A : Well, simply speaking, long after the flowers have died, the wedding dress turned yellow, food at the reception consumed, your wedding photo's are all you will have to remember these things by.

Not just tomorrow, but 5, 10, 20 years later you will have photographs to relive your wedding day with, and it is often only then you will realize a true appreciation of professional wedding photography.

Q : I just want informal, candid shots - is that something you do?

A : Yes, but I have to tell you I think we should do a few formal photographs too.

I believe a photo journalistic approach tells the story of the day, capturing fun and emotions possibly not seen in previous generations wedding photographs. But I also believe that the classic wedding portrait will stand the test of time. After 20 or more years your children and grandchildren are looking at your wedding photographs it's the more formal photographs that will be most appreciated - so I tend to do both. Why not, you only get one shot at it, lets cover our bases!

I sometimes get brides that only want informal photography. That's fine, less work for me. But, I always try to nudge them into letting me do a few things that are a step above a "snapshot." Why? Because right now she is a 25-year old bride who loves fun, candid pictures from her wedding, but 40 years from now it will be the nice, beautiful formal that will have a place of honor on the wall of her bedroom or on a bookcase . Plus, her parents and grandparents will want the formal now.

Q : Why is your booking sheet so long?

A : Most of the information on the booking sheet is completed by myself during our pre-wedding meeting. I need some info from you to start up a file for your wedding day, get contact details, times, correct names and the names of the celebrant and venue.

I have developed this system over a number of years and it works extremely well, I have never double booked a day and with vigilance I hope I never will :-)